Yesterday a friend tried to sell me on using #Spotify, and I was so fascinated by his attempt because he described it just like how #Pandora was first described. When I mentioned that his description sounds a lot like Pandora, he rolled his eyes. #theMoreThingsChange #personal

I like that so many componists made themself verified #spotify accounts - even with such bad internet back in their days.

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Putain de #spotify qui veux pas de mon installation 5.1 😡 (sous windows) si quelque à une solution je suis preneur ☺

Merci 😘

when it comes to uploading music to digital stores (like Apple, Spotify, JunoDownload, Google Play, etc) i'm constantly torn between reason pro and contra:
- PRO the music is distributed. it's free anyway (CC), so why not put it out there wherever are people who can listen and love it
- it's bad because it then supports exploitation, low margins, unfair practices... the dark side of music industry.

anyone have similar thoughts?

#music #digitaldistribution #spotify #itunes


Ok why on Earth does the Spotify app have a settings option "enable waze navigation"? Does Spotify have some kind of navigation feature?