J'avais vu la conférence JUnit + Docker
par @Xavier Detant et Vincent Demeester
Slides :
à @Devoxx France

J'avais envie de tester plusieurs Lamdba AWS : une qui écrit dans AWS DynamoDB et l'autre qui lit.

Et hop une petite annotation @Docker devant ma classe de test et c'est joué : docker démarre le bon container

Source annotation

I want a pytest plugin which runs the tests in an environment without network access.

Maybe in a Linux user namespace with unshared network? (like what bubblewrap does for #flatpak)

This would be so much better than periodically running the tests with the Wi-Fi off... 😒

#python #tests

There is something about the number of lines it takes to test code. It feels right when it's about the same. It would be nice to know why exactly it feels wrong when it needs twice as much.

has ~100 lines of test ~50 lines of code

#tests #python

Point #exposants RPLL :

Algoo sera présente aux #RPLL2017 les 4 et 5 juillet à Saint-Étienne #Merci 👍 .

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Pour plus d'informations : et

À très vite pour ces rencontres 😉 .

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Rewriting crush optimization tests for better and faster coverage of the logic. I hope to go from a 30 minutes runtime to one minute or two. The main optimization function is still too complex but I can't figure out how to break it down.

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