Just sent another 10k invites for the #Free #VPN tier of ProtonVPN. Check inboxes! Also increasing no. of invites in next days. Stay tuned!

"ProtonVPN on Twitter"

Free #VPN users Mac/Linux/Android/iOS: updated config files available for free servers. Plz download latest configs

Last month (again) #vpn broke DNS lookup for me for hours before I realised it. Now it's doing it to #synergy
High cost of complexity.

"Facebook uses an internal database to track rivals, including young startups performing unusually well, people familiar with the system say. The database stems from Facebook’s 2013 acquisition of a Tel Aviv-based startup, Onavo, which had built an app that secures users’ privacy by routing their traffic through private servers. The app gives #Facebook an unusually detailed look at what users collectively do on their phones, these people say." #VPN #packetsniffing

Pour votre anonymat sur internet, vous utilisez #Tor, un #VPN, les deux ou autre chose ?

Suite à ma question de ce matin, je suis passé sous #protonmail ( pour gérer mes #mails, et là, je vois qu'on a une offre sur leur #vpn , #protonvpn ( , quand on a un compte protonmail, du coup, je me renseigne sur la bête 😎

Quelqu'un a déjà testé ce #VPN ?
1€/an ... c'est quoi l'arnaque ? >__<'