#EyeWitness: #EyeWitness is designed to take screenshots of websites, provide some server header info, and identify default #credentials if possible #OSINT #screenshot #website

The Justice Department is demanding information on visitors to an anti-Trump #website #theverge

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Hello. That thing gets on my nerves so here it is :

Is there anyone who could help on the design of a mini #website ?

We are a non-profit and help a lot of people with their broken bike, phone or computer. Current website is just not fit as every time I get to add two lines, it runs crazy.

Would be cool to be able to add two pages with small #howto for bikes and computers. For ex.

#repaircafe #aarhus

I might return to the world of #blogging. While I have a github page, I want something broader to share my thoughts. (as in I don't just want to write about tech, but other things)

Any cheap host where I can host a static website?


#website #hosting

German authorities say they have arrested a 30-year-old man on suspicion of running a used to sell mainly and firearms.

He is alleged to have been the sole administrator of a so-called site on which items were bought and sold since March 2013.

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Je ne connais pas bien Jekyll, mais ce que j'aime avec Hugo c'est que je vais pouvoir créer différents types de contenu facilement en utilisant les sous-arborescences de content.