Et avec ces conneries, je vais finir par aimer #WordPress...

Why #WordPress matters?

Because @Photomatt (Matt Mullenweg) is a principled guy.

#React is back to the project, along with other options (#Preact, #Polymer, or #Vue), after #Facebook u-turn on the patent clause issue.

"On React and Wordpress"

"Facebook Dropping Patent Clause"

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I now have my 9 #CVE ids for the security issues in #WordPress

The #Debian packages for sid and unstable are already uploaded, the backport is complete just waiting for the testing transition.

Upload of the backport of security changesets to the stable release is awaiting security team approval.

Le saviez-vous ?
Le service vous offre gracieusement, en plus du #mail (5Go, POP/IMAP/SMTP/Webmail) et des #forums, un moyen de vous exprimer via votre #blog (#WordPress) !

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Wordpress installed

I installed #wordpress again to my server. I try now to start posting some posts there. URL for the blog isI also activated the wordpress post plugin to #friendica so I can also make posts from the friendica timeline.

This is also test that the export plugin works properly.
Problème #wordpress quand je veux créer une page il n'y a pas de champs pour modifier un contenu. Par contre je peux voir et modifier pour les page existantes.

Une idée ?
J'ai pas ce problème pour un article. Donc je remplace ma page temporairement par un article. 

#WordPress release 4.8.2 #Debian packages just been uploaded. This release fixes 9 security issues.

Stable release will follow shortly, once I have worked out the relevant changesets.

Just upgraded/patched half a dozen #wordpress sites. It's now so much easier and faster than back in the old days (about 13 years ago).

#WordPress 4.8.2 is now out and is a security and maintenance release.

This version fixes 9 security issues 😭
Which is a bunch of XSS and path traversal plus a SQLi.

Anyone feel like adding Mastodon support to Wordpress' main social media sharing plugin?

Look no further! You can check out this issue and help out get Mastodon out there!
#MastoDev #Wordpress #jetpack #plugin #github