I will change the logo of . I will ask you some helps for drawing.
I will allow people to vote and winners will receive 50€ for the first place, 30€ for the second position and 20€ for the third position. Thanks for contributing.

I think I will open an issue on github (in the mirrored project) as many more people have an account on it. They will be able to add thumbs-up on suggestions.

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@mase I became uncomfortable with the current icon.

I don't have a github account, but I like simple geometric shapes that change the longer you look at them.

Both have integral equal signs which could symbolize equality among instances. The first one has a hidden human in a computing position and the second one has at least three stylized F's in different orientations.


Here is one that still has integral equal sign, and still has F and L like the first, but also now emphasizes a stylized "D" for decentralization.

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