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@znk Better seeding is the top rated request. Also it is the only way we're going to beat Google. We can't build hyperscale datacenters, so we need to cooperate by sharing our bandwidth.



I'm from @Framasoft (anf on my vacation, so i'll be breif): we cannot listen to feedback from every social media without burning ourselves out. We don't have enough humans and time to do that.

What you're saying here is important. If you can, please share it on the feedback tool.

@Pouhiou Thank you for popping in! I have already done so and am confident the ideas expressed here are well represented in the feedback given. I also plussed some of the other ideas. Keep it up, PeerTube is great software.

Btw, I don't expect developers to respond to all fedi discussions that mention their handle, but I do appreciate it when it happens. I think these discussions are about sharing knowledge, more than giving input. It can have a place in helping people formulate their own ideas.

On topic, if this specific feature would mean a big overhaul/refactor of the torrent "engine", perhaps we can call for donations towards this specific feature. I wouldn't mind chipping in. Or if money is tight, start some sort of feasibility study, so there is something to put on the roadmap.

@znk @Framasoft

@Pouhiou @paullammers @Framasoft Can you point me to the feedback tool then?

Indeed we need better seeding. I tried ditching embeded Youtube videos on a site recently in favour of Peertube, but the performance was nowhere near acceptable. The playback also appeared to stutter a lot, as if it were not buffering, so I don't think it was solely a banfwidth issue.

@Pouhiou @paullammers @Framasoft At any rate my next idea was to set up a geographically nearby node dedicated to seeding, but then I learned you needed an entire web browser to do that. So that was a no-go. There I think a headless seeder would help with the bandwidth parrlt since we can then set up seeder nodes on the net conveniently.


@paullammers @Framasoft

You are answering to the thread that present the feedback tool 😉


Software freedom should not HQ at Microsoft, who oppose software freedom.

I would love to contribute and have donated money, but I will and cannot create a Github account to do so, so I feel excluded and kept away from the project, feeling that important decisions and discussions are only accessible to Microsoft "clients" who sign and agree to their terms.

I can't notify the project about this outside-in-pov without an account.

Would it be acceptable if I create an issue about moving away from Github or is that not what the roadmap is for?

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