PeerTube v4.1 is out! 😍😍😍
▪️a video player more practical
▪️an improved plugin system
▪️new filters on search results
▪️more instances customizations
▪️disabling the p2p protocol
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@peertube @blue "PeerTube uses a peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol to broadcast highly viewed videos (viral videos), lowering the load of their hosts. From now, instance administrators can disable this feature by default. Users (logged in or anonymous) can however re-enable it if they wish."

Having it enabled by default can be seen as privacy issue for some.

@shuro @peertube @blue streaming a video is a privacy issue. download it instead.

@shuro @peertube @blue Anyone who is actually that concerned about their IP being linked to their video viewing history is using a VPN, because otherwise you’re just handing it all to a centralized video provider on a platter to be collated, sold, given, and stolen by every every nefarious actor in the menagerie

@peertube @blue @mcduquesne As I see it is more about cases where PeerTube is considered to be "trusted" and people don't think tracking is a concern when they watch videos from there.

However this can be misused by others, e.g. I can upload a video on the "trusted" server, start watching it myself and give link to you. Then you are likely to p2p me for the video exposing your address while you don't expect it as you "trust" the server itself and I am not even the server owner.

So now admins can disable this behavior if they wish.

@oliver @peertube @milan They meant as in you can optionally disable it ; still don't see any purpose in that whatsoever.

@peertube Wow just so many qol improvements! Haven an external Login Provider as the default is exactly, what I was looking for!

@peertube Your docker build at github has failed for this version, so this version is not at docker hub. And thank you for your work :)

@djoerd @peertube It looks like they're just giving admins the ability to turn off P2P by default on their servers. Users can still re-enable.


> For those who watch videos from a mobile device, we have set up an automatic landscape display of videos when you select full screen view. And if you double-tap on the right or left side of the video player, it allows you to move forward / rewind by 10 seconds without using the control bar.

Thanks a lot for this 😀

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