@sir PeerTube v3's crowdfunding campaign started.

Probably something you'd be interested in and want to give some visibility

@Framasoft cool, Framasoft actually replied to me. Thank you Framasoft, you did grand things with #PeerTube and I love that.

Why don't you accept donations in cryptocurrencies? Credit cards and PayPal are tools of surveillance capitalism too, you know.

@chebra Yes, we do. And we are bound by French laws and regulations: it would be way too complicated, in our situation, to accept crypto-currencies (not even the Ğ1, a money made through , which is the only truly Free-Libre money we know so far, and being so it's the one we would love to support by accepting... yet we can't).

@Framasoft @chebra at least in germany and in switzerland there are payment services, where you can pay with e.g. bitcoin and they transfer the corresponding fiat money amount to you. I obviously don't know, if that would be compliant with french laws, but you might want to consider such a service, if you have many such requests.

@cdonat @chebra We have very, very few request for accepting cryptocurrencies.
It doesn't seem to be worth it in our case.
(Not to mention all the supporters who would resent us and stop donating if we'd accept bitcoin, because of its polarizing reputation...)


Now I'm regretting my donation. For an organization that uses words like "freedom" and "libre" and "privacy" in the marketing, you should be exploring alternatives to paypal and CC yourself. Otherwise the only way to achieve that liberty is through some of the most anti-libre anti-privacy payment channels that exist. That makes you hypokrites. And the words really just marketing, nothing more.


@Framasoft Just made a small donation of what I can afford. Every dollar counts, guys! :D

Oh, I was thinking about a quick toggle without having to log in. Maybe it is already developed?

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