Pepper's just doomed Hereva and even Cayenne can't stop her now xD

Or she has just introduced memes to her planet...

@AlinaTheHedgehog @davidrevoy Well, she sized it perfectly so that it'll evaporate when all the jars are either inside or orbiting, but then Cayenne saw the orbiting jars...

It's way better then burying them into the ground. Problem solved! 🙂

Fore those who ask: "Quesque c'est cet chose orange-noir?" here is a conference report. :D

Great that the picture of #EHTblackhole is under #attribution license so people can use it in creative ways like @davidrevoy did.

[official website] eventhorizontelescope.org/
[license info, click on "Usage of ESO Images"] eso.org/public/images/eso1907a

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