I'll do a painting demo live for the Matrix Foundation, don't miss it!
On Wednesday 2021-03-10 6pm UTC (7pm in Berlin; 6pm in the UK; 1pm in New York; 10am in California)
All info:

@davidrevoy @matrix I am **so** looking forward to seeing you on OTWSU this week. You're super talented and I love your art. Came to know you through the work you've done for Peertube and since then have loved every bit of it. 👋

@davidrevoy @matrix :meowLul: thanks for putting a smile on my face on this monday morning with this image~


The TV station in Singapore just showed "The Matrix" last weekend. It was still a good watch. 🙂


@davidrevoy Love it! 😻
"You take the blue pill and you go back to your normal life.
You take the red pill and you go down the rabbit hole : you'll discover the true face of proprietary softwares, and discover GNU and free softwares"
I guess I'll write a blogpost about this😅


@davidrevoy @matrix So awesome that you'll be there! Big fan of both you and Matrix, so I definitely will be watching it 😁 Will you be making a Matrix protocol-related illustration? Or will it be just a bit more random?

@andycuccaro @matrix

Hey! Thank you and this is a good question (one I'm also asking to myself today while coloring pages).

As I guess the show will get comments in the Matrix room ; I'll probably try a Matrix-only interactive experience (I'll not do just a linear show, I have a channel for pre-recorded videos xD).


@andycuccaro @matrix

Over other comments system on twitch and Youtube (or IRC) , Matrix channel can receive images. I'll probably ask audience for CC-By picture, and remix them live. I'll give a link to CC-Search engine maybe.

Do you think it can be a good idea?

I'll see with Matrix team about technical details soon; I'll be invited into a special room to prepare this details anyway. It will probably impact my plans. 😊


@davidrevoy @matrix Sounds like a neat idea! It seems something very collaborative :D Although I do wonder if it isn't there a risk of "wasting" time if nobody comes up with ideas. It might be a good idea to have a backup plan.

@andycuccaro @matrix Yes, I put a night on it; and made a quick test this morning; it is participative but risky because it might be a lot of (boring and long) sequence of work to mask photo properly, and insert them and paint over into a composition. I'll probably keep this idea for a later live show; where I'll ask picture on social media *before* the event and prepare them (cut transparency) to only have the fun of the collage live and be the scissors of the community chat.


@andycuccaro @matrix

I think I'll do a list of feature I want to show about Krita; some feature gems that needs to be more visible and things I often use on Pepper&Carrot. And maybe even a bit of Inkscape if time allows it.

See you soon!


@davidrevoy @matrix Great presentation! The whole thing was very entertaining. :) I'd love if the Matrix Foundation or the Element guys would commission you to make some art for them ;) It would definitely bring a different set of eyes to the whole thing. Now I wonder what kind of mascot could be representative of #matrix 🤔

@andycuccaro @matrix Thank you very much! True, I also wonder what type of mascot could suit the project.

With a name like that; maybe a cyber cute furry cute character with angle and dynamism ; like Dashie from Tyson Tan

I wonder if he still have Libbie available (the one he made for LibreOffice but wasn't adopted by team even if community make it won the vote organised by LibreOffice team).

@davidrevoy @matrix That's a good one! Given the nature of matrix ("everything is a room"), I always thought that maybe it'd suit them an animal that lives in chambers/interconnected networks, like ants, or maybe some burrowing mammal too, like prairie dogs or something like that.

@andycuccaro @davidrevoy it reminds me the last place in links awakening on gameboy where you have many rooms connected and you can find the boss door only if you go in good rooms sequence @matrix
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