@davidrevoy you integrating the deepdream (or a similar filter) filter there too? Because I am seeing bits and pieces of pepper and carrot being reintegrated?

@Wolthera You have that eagle eye, I can't hide anything! 😉 It's based on the "Stylise" of (using with multilayers). For a reason, this one always crashed for me on Krita 4.x (very resources intensive) but on Krita5beta it works like a charm; I can play with it and a input source ("layer above"). Yes, I mixed/mashed a Pepper&Carrot speedpainting, a Tears of Steel concept art and blobs of color for my general palette. Then it was just a paint-over on the top; like reading on the clouds. ☁️


I love that you credit the tool. It feels like a famous classical artist in history talking about their latest work saying "#brush"

@davidrevoy Les textures sont très chouettes ! (et je ne pensais pas apprécier autant ce rose pétant, mais force est de constater que si 😊 )

« C'est beau ! » 😛
Je rêve ou c'est sépia au fond ? 🤔

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