:mastodon: Mastodon tip: you can customize a column to list multiple hashtags (and block-list some of them too). It's a good way to discover all the posts gravitating around the topics you like (eg. for art, is a popular one). That's really a feature I love here and wanted to share it to newcomers.

@davidrevoy Great #feditip. I loved, and over-used, that feature when I used my Mastodon account more. Here in Friendica the followed hashtags are added to the normal timeline, not in a column.

Note that this feature and the use of columns are part of the 'advanced layout' of Mastodon, which no longer is the default. It also doesn't work on a phone. For a tablet it requires that you hold your device in landscape position.

@gidi Oh, thanks for the precisions and the details. I had no idea the default layout switched to a Twitter-like single column. Oopsie. I guess it's a good default to ease adoption for newcomers. It's good I never had my account to autoswitch to this default, because I really like the 'advanced layout' of Mastodon and my art column! ☺️

@davidrevoy That's neat! If it doesn't show up you need to enable the advanced web interface first.

@powerbyte7 Thanks! The 'advanced web interface' was the default in my old time, so I realised a bit late now every new users have a single column 😅 Oopsie.

@powerbyte7 @davidrevoy I'm a bit lost - how do I create a column configured with hashtags I'm interested in?

@caffeneko @davidrevoy Enable the advanced web interface in the settings and then add a new column like this

@powerbyte7 @caffeneko @davidrevoy Thank you! But, why I'm only can set 4 hashtags? I see more on the original post >-< But when I try to put more than 4, doesn't work.

@Migca @caffeneko @davidrevoy That's not possible unfortunately, the maximum is there to prevent the servers from being overworked. I'm not sure why there are more in the post, but it probably doesn't actually work.

@Gonzukumu @davidrevoy Did you try it on a new column like this? It doesn't work on your home feed.

@powerbyte7 @davidrevoy got it to work apparently i was looking in settings and that was in the wrong spot

@davidrevoy Hi, I'm new to Mastodon and having enabled the advanced view I'm still not seeing the 'include additional tags' option on the settings for a column, for example if I'm looking at the federated timeline the only settings I have are 'Media only' or 'Remote only'. How do I get to the setting you mentioned please? Thanks

@powerbyte7 @philc @davidrevoy What app is that? I'm using the official Mastodon app (iOS) on my M1 Mac and my UI looks completely different than your video.

@AaronCrocco @philc @davidrevoy This is the webapp, I don't think the official app supports custom columns yet.

@powerbyte7 @philc @davidrevoy
Ah, gotcha. I found it in the web interface. Thanks!

Also, your avatar is really cool! Reminds me of the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who.

@davidrevoy the any of these box only supports up to 4 hashtags apparently.

@maloki oh? 4 hashtags? @powerbyte7 , do you know why Maloki has this limitation and I haven't ?

@davidrevoy @powerbyte7

You can add them, they just won't show up.

That's what people are saying, I trust other people more than myself on this.

@maloki @davidrevoy Yeah I'm seeing the same thing, not sure what's up with that.

@maloki @davidrevoy It doesn't appear to be a bug, so it's probably a way to prevent the server from being overloaded.

@powerbyte7 @davidrevoy yeah it's not a bug it's by design, but it doesn't tell you in the UI. 😅

@powerbyte7 @davidrevoy yeah I think that may be in a release that's not in hometown yet and I dunno if I experienced it myself.

I just saw a lot of people talk about it today/yesterday.

@maloki @davidrevoy There's an issue here for adding some sort of error message. I'd contribute a fix but I'm still a bit of a noob at coding... 😅

@davidrevoy This display you have pictured appears nowhere that I can find. How do I get to the page in the picture.
Thank you.

@diannemando Hi, read other replies under the post; I made a mistake. I forgot Mastodon changed the layout for a single column (like on Twitter) recently by default. Before, when I joined the service, mine was in a multi column like this and I continued to use it this way without knowing it was changing.
To test it, go in:
→ Preferences of your profile
→ Appearance
then activate 'Enable advanced web interface'
You'll find screenshot and videos on the replies under my post 🙂

@davidrevoy Am I being *really* dense by asking how you even get columns here in the first place haha? As someone used to Tweetdeck, that sounds great.

@Toadsanime @davidrevoy

Go to Preferences and check "Advanced web interface". :)

@davidrevoy oh! I didn't know it could include multiple hashtags. Good to know, thanks

@alexispurslane This is part of the web app. I don't think this is possible on the phone/tablet app yet.

@davidrevoy That's awesome! Didn't knew about it until now. Thanks!

@davidrevoy Too bad you can't add as many additional tags as you want 😕 I can only add 4. If I try to add more tags, they will be removed from the "Any of these" field.

Am I alone with having this issue?

@edgren Hey, someone shared on the reply the revelant bug report or merge request on Github about this limitation. My instance probably has older version or I'm probably not affected because I setup it before the bug. It will be fixed probably later.

@davidrevoy Alright. Yes. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed 🙂

@davidrevoy can't get the image to load but will look later

@davidrevoy when I try to set up a list I don't get any of those settings for Any / All / None re: tags - is there something specific I need to do to get that?

@alexdobrenko Hey, check the screenshots and videos replies under my post; some really shared detailed step by step (it depends version of Mastodon and setup of instance too I guess). I hope it will help!

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