It's not mentioned in the video description, what was your time (limit) for this speedpainting? Would be interesting to know.

@Takiro Hey, a label quickly appears after the intro, but it's not really visible.
It was a 4h30min, a long one for the time budget I had in mind when I started. I spent most of it into fixing her right hand... To finally get it right and hide It partially behind a flame effect 😅 Uneffective 🤣

@davidrevoy Oh, I must have missed it. I wonder if maybe you could add a countdown/up similar like when you fast forward in your tutorials but with the painting time. Would make them much more impressive to non artists.

@Takiro Oh, like writing the real-time but showing the numbers going fast due to the speed-up of the video recording? That's a good idea and possible since the speed-up is linear in my videos. I'll have a look to if it is something possible to do in Kdenlive, but I'm afraid it will not be simple.
I'll try to launch a bottle in the Fediverse: ping experts, around. Do you know if this ↑ is possible?

@davidrevoy Exactly this. The short time is what makes speedpaintings so impressive and there seem to be a lot of people who have trouble differencing them from regular time lapses.

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