OK. Some people keep rating the app one star because I don't block an instance.

Unfortunately, their lack of comprehension concerning the Fediverse (manipulated by some propaganda) make they think that the app is not safe to use.

You have every tools with the app to avoid interacting with people you don't want to see.

@fedilab can you elaborate on the propaganda in the instance you won't block? Was it, for example, tied to an extremist terrorist attack?

@fedilab you were just talking about propaganda to defend your decision a moment ago, so why don't we talk about the instance you're supporting?

The #synagoguemassacre suspect was radicalized there for example.

I don't support anything. I won't block anything as far as a market doesn't ask me to do so.
It's useless, it doesn't protect from seeing messages from these instances (many people think it will).

@fedilab Your selective silence (can't mention Gab, the #synagogueshooting, the violent and extremist material promoted there) and your selective wording (calling whatever points it out "propaganda") makes it very clear what you support and condemn.

@fedilab lol you blocked me from following your official developer account?

@silvershovel @fedilab They don't want to have to block instances. If they block Gab, next up will be freespeechextremist, or smugloli, or something similar. It's not their role to choose who can and can't use their app.

@DashEquals I just discovered Fedilab doesn't mind blocking as long as it's people who make them uncomfortable.

@silvershovel There's a difference between blocking a user who harasses you and making your app block an instance. You'll still be able to log into Fedilab.

@DashEquals I can no longer communicate with their official account. If you think my polite questions are harassment, can you tell me why you consider violent threats and terrorist activity to be defensible? Surely you think those are worse.

@silvershovel I'm not going to explain why Fedilab blocked you, as I don't know all of your communications.

What I do know is that they blocked you from interacting with their account. They're also on an instance that prevents them from interacting with Gab users. They've just chosen to not allow their personal issues with different people and groups to influence who can use the app.

@DashEquals so you care not to condemn violence and terrorism.

@silvershovel I condemn violence and terrorism, but the app has chosen to remain as a neutral tool, as it should.
@silvershovel No, I don’t want it to spread. If we let our rights and freedoms get eroded due to terrorism, we are letting the terrorists win. Read this: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

@DashEquals "If we let our rights and freedoms get eroded due to terrorism, we are letting the terrorists win."

This statement means nothing, and you use it to diminish the violence committed by the Gab terrorist.


@silvershovel @fedilab It doesn't mean nothing. The goal of a terrorist is to make you terrified of a crime that is ultimately insignificant. If we put 1/10th of the effort we put into stopping terrorism into solving poverty, or researching diseases, or healthcare, we could probably save hundreds of times the number of lives that terrorists have ever taken.

@DashEquals @fedilab so you are literally downplaying deaths caused by Gab users in order to promote their beliefs

@silvershovel @fedilab Did you even read what I said? Stop concern trolling and get a brain.

@DashEquals Yes.

"The goal of a terrorist is to make you terrified of a crime that is ultimately insignificant."

Downplaying deaths through whataboutism.


Plus récents

Dont confuse the app and the server instances. It's the job of server admins to block unwanted content. NOT the job of a programmer of an App. Fedilab is an App to access the federation.
You don't forbid having a knive because you could hurt someone. Fedilab is the knive.

@DanTheFan @DashEquals in this case, it looks more like Fedilab is helping users access a service that was previously banned from the Google Play store...


You will be able to access Gab with a browser too. Do u want Firefox etc. to block it?

Please stop. The world is a lot bigger than your silly culture war

You are probably mistaken. The synagogue shooting was livestreamed on Facebook, not on Gab.

@fedilab Huh, funny, that sounds like adbicating responsibility.

Oh, wait, it is!

@fedilab I didn't want to say it, but heck it, I will!

"If you are neutral in in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the opressor."

-- Desmond Tutu

Get it through your thick skull, and understand it.

@giantessgnostic @fedilab Great! Are you going to harass Mozilla, and rate Firefox 1 star, because it doesn't block Gab, The Daily Stormer, etc?
Most of the people rating you one star probably didn't use your app in the first place
@fedilab you have my support. Keep up the good work. If It hadn't been for all this all this gab thing, I would never had tried this amazing app.
Don't worry about that... It will always be like that and more fire you will make more steam it will develop... Your app rocks solid... :ablobcatrainbow:

@fedilab so sad to see so much advocates of centralization on the Fediverse :/

No, it was for the Google Play release. Though, there is an app for Fdroid that allows to give feedback @gdroid

Let me go and rate 5 stars because you don't block any instances. Cheers!

Ah damn I can't, I have the F-Droid version installed :/ sorry mate!

Don't worry your support message is more valuable :)

I can't even install the paid version. Probably because it conflicts.

@fedilab Well-put. There's no support of anything, no "abdicating responsibility", just using more than one brain cell and recognising that users can already block and report things they don't like, and instances can block and report things they don't like. That's already more than enough measure to block out things people don't want to see, and preventing a user from using a specific client doesn't even affect the experience other users get, because it doesn't stop anyone from seeing anything.

@fedilab Perfect example: trolls strawman-ing what you said, and you used the already-plentiful means for content control and (according to the user) blocked him. What more could you want? You don't have to put up with the user any more, so from your perspective, the problem is solved. If what was instead done was limit what clients the user could use, you'd still be seeing the trolling, because the user wouldn't actually have been blocked.

@fedilab full support to you incredible work and for leaving the right to your users to decide what they can see or browse. Thanks a lot

@fedilab It's incredibly easy to ignore users on other instances if needed, and it's really sad that everyone is outraged over your decision to not block another instance. What happened to personal responsibility?

@fedilab ya but can you block the nazis on shitposter club

@fedilab I love it and continue to support. Nice to see someone using their whole brain for a change. You said it best "Manipulated by Propaganda" !

As mentioned earlier, you have my support as well!
Moreover, if you decided to start blocking anything, you would instantly loose my support. Modern internet has enough censorship to add more.
Greetings from one of the most multicultural cities in the world, where I do have friends from all the nationalities, skin colours and accents 🙂

I suspect this is a pro-censorship / anti-free speech reaction more than one about comprehension.

Basically, they are trying to bury you if you do not decide in behalf of all your users (regardless of your users wishes) to take a certain political position.

Thank you for not doing this. You are doing exactly the right thing giving your users the tools to decide for themselves.


@fedilab ah, fedilab, the brand new app for synagogue shooters

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