If you encounter this bug, please leave a comment, it will really help for catching it.

"Fetch more toots" frequently inserts toots in wrong location or not at all (#212) · Issues · Thomas / Fedilab · GitLab


@fedilab Not really related, But I think "fetch more toot" button should be under the buttons. right? it is inside the toot..

@fedilab i had it some time ago...
if i encounter it what would need/helps you? Some kind of logs?

In fact, I would need the context about that issue (app not opened since x days, are toots still visible with the web app, etc.) I am not really clear, because I didn't catch what could be at the origin of this bug.

I have the "Display new toots above 'fetch more' button" disabled.
But often the toots load above the button. Often means, 4 of 5 times of fetching more toots.
The case that some toots don't load or something, I haven't seen yet.
So it is a wrong behavior, when the toots load like the "Display new toots above 'fetch more' button" enabled.

Happens to me all the time - usually fixes itself when I press the button again (for multiple load timeline delays) or, if it just disappears and does nothing, closing and opening the app fixes it. It's annoying, sure, but not as annoying as the Pleroma URL bug. Also, it's always been in the app (well, while I've been using it anyway), so I've got used to it...

@fedilab Thanks so much for working on this. I haven't been able to characterize the conditions that cause it either, but it happens fairly often for me.

@deutrino I found a weird behaviour when optimisation settings was turned on (it's now removed but values were kept in memory)

@fedilab I'm looking forward to the next release to see if it changes anything! #212 is one of my biggest pain points currently :)

I see this fairly often. Especially the none showing up variant.

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