I have a release to publish, I will do it soon but I will have a break after. For the first time with the project, I lost my motivation. My goal, whatever some people can think, was to build a tool for everyone with a high level of privacy.
I spent a lot of time to build it since more than two years. During these two years, you sent me your ideas and that's how the application grew. I have always replied to everyone, and I was personally proud to bring your suggestions inside the application 1/3


Yes, I did know it was far from being perfect but I was happy to exchange with you or seeing your jokes about the UI.
Now, it's harder since I changed my mind about the instance block, at this time, I was sure the app will be banned from the playstore. I was wrong, only the free was removed because it had donation links.
Some developers started to avoid me, some others use this matter to promote their app by boosting hard messages concerning my choice. 2/3

So, yes, I missed something, I did think that not including login block was a neutral choice because everyone had tools to build their safe place. Login block will not work in a long run.

A big thanks to all people that have always trusted into my work! 3/3

@fedilab Thanks for everything sofar!! And thank you for your hard work :foxlaff:
@nepfag @fedilab i dont gotta wait 15 seconds for the browser tab to restore itself
@nepfag @fedilab >not the superior weed ip,

on my phone everything is torified pretty much, and it's hard to make exceptions for sites like i can on my desktop. on my desktop i use privoxy and whitelist pl.wowana.me since it's on my LAN anyway, but i still access a.w over tor for shits
@nepfag @fedilab basically i dogfood my beliefs for privacy and anonymity
@nepfag @fedilab for a second i thought you said "weeb is bad", maybe i need sleep

Thank you for all your hard work. Enjoy your break!

I tip my hat to you, Sir! Hope to have you back soon, as the majority of the Fedilab users are grateful for what you did for us. So please don't let the negatives win. Take care!


It can't be easy to give so much time and energy, to try to do the best you can and to collect blame in return.
Thank you very much for your hard work.


Take a break and forget the people who are having these pointless discussions. And you don't have to be insulted!

Stupid people...

Just remember that even if few noisy people are complaining, there is still a silent majority who is on your side. There should be a clear dividision of duties. People who run instances handle the inclusion/exclusion of content that is being shown to their users. Clients like Fedilab should concentrate on implementing and improving the interaction between an user and the servers.

Courage à toi, c'est évident que la Blacklist n'est pas pérenne. On oublie les râleurs, tu nous a concocté un superbe logiciel, en répondant à nos demandes et même bien plus. Alors merci, merci. Et profite de cette pause méritée.

@fedilab Thanks again for all your hard work. You've always been very pleasant to work with and amazingly responsive, and open to ideas. Enjoy your time off. 🙏

Fedilab is awesome, great and the best way I know to enjoy the fexiverse on the phone.
I'm very grateful for the work you did! 👍

I said that I was one of the supporters of the "factory" blockade of GAB, but I am rather disgusted by the campaign organized against you. It is sad to see that some have chosen to dedicate more efforts to attack you personally than to attack the social network they wanted to block.
Thank you very much for your hard work.

Thanks for your amazing work, I've been using Fedilab since joining Mastodon and was always impressed with the improvements you made on your app and their frequency. Enjoy your break, I hope you'll get back to Fedilab, but please do not feel you owe your users anything. *We* owe you.


#Fedilab is great software and a wonderful project -- it's the absolute BEST user interface to the fediverse (imo). 😺

You're one of the few who contribute the most and I understand and fully support your design choices and your decision to take a break, but I also hope you'll be back. The fediverse as a whole would be a poorer place without you and Fedilab.

Let us know if there's anything we can do to help. ❤️

J'ai toujours été proprement estomaqué de voir la vitesse à laquelle ton application progressait, et ta réactivité lors de signalements de bugs ou suggestions d'améliorations. Sans oublier le côté décontracté et bienveillant de ta communication: "dis, ce serait bien si..." ... "c'est fait". Prends des vacances, repose-toi, recharge tes batteries, et ne reviens que quand/si tu en as envie. En tout cas, MERCI pour tout !!!

All my respect to you for your dedication to this project and your hard work. Don't let the negtives affect you. You rock and fedilab is awesome!


Thanks for your great work! Enjoy your break, take your time :)

Thank you! What you are building is inspiring. I have an alternative ( the fediverse writ large) I can now get my community on board with :)

même si je fais partie des gens qui pensent que tu aurais du maintenir le blocage de gab, je sais reconnaître que tu as pondu une super app.

Repose-toi et à bientot !

Merci @Oz
Je n'ai pas eu le temps de te répondre mais j'avais eu pas mal de dm. Tu fais partie des personnes que j'ai mentionnées. Celles que j'étais triste de voir partir suite à mon choix.
Mais merci d'avoir traité ma décision sans agression tout en étant ferme 🙏

@fedilab je viens de t'écrire hein, t'as au contraire été super rapide ^^

J'ai du rater la mention, désolé =/

C'est pas trop mon délire d'être agressif, même quand je suis pas d'accord (sauf quand j'ai affaire à de vrais gros cons^)

Je ne perds pas espoir que tu réalises que tu as le pouvoir de contrer des fachos en leur bloquant ton app et que tu fasses machine arrière. 😉 Même si effectivement ce serait une action symbolique puisqu'ils pourraient juste forker #Fedilab comme ils ont fait pour #Tusky

@fedilab also #SubwayTooter had experience ban from the store by the donation link. I had to wait 1 week to resolve it. it's 2 year ago.

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