@fedilab I read it.

At least they didn't jump on the band-waggon too badly.

The statement "We believe platforms like F-Droid’s repository or fediverse instances must be moderated in order to prevent oppression and harassment to flourish" is worryingly wrong-headed.

@fedilab Ah.. "Neutrality of Free Software"
..ce que je disais à ce sujet n'était donc pas complétement déconnant..

@fedilab This seems like a very reasonable and thoughtful statement from @fdroidorg and I like how they've taken time to understand the concerns and recognize that different apps are taking different approaches to address them.

also I really need to sort out my phone and figure out how to use fdroid!

@fedilab What a load of crap. So what they're saying is that #F-Droid is from now on a repository that censors software that, even though it's libre, the maintainers don't like.

@fedilab I think this is a reasonable response, and the implied "go build an API and a store front end if you want more flags than we support" is probably the least worst solution

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