Hey -s ! What are your favorite extensions to edit code in ?

@roptat @jeko And which extensions do you use?
I'm planning... (or thinking about, better said) migrating Geiser protocol to NeoVim (because of the lua)...

@ekaitz_zarraga @jeko paredit is pretty good, and vim alone is working very well even if you don't have plugins. Since the syntax requires you that many things match, you can use the a and i moves. For instance, when updating a guix package, you can use di" to remove the old sha256 directly, and then put the new one. da( would remove a whole block, ya( would copy a whole code block, etc.

@roptat @jeko Yeah, the only thing is the da" :S
That's only working in the same line. SMH

I'm looking for something that can handle evaluation and stuff like that, I'm missing fireplace (clojure)

@ekaitz_zarraga @jeko yeah, sometimes I'd like to have a repl or something directly in the editor

@ekaitz_zarraga @jeko The mailing list has some interesting topics: and if you can find it, Marc sent something too about writing a plugin for the repl. I found that too:

@roptat @jeko I know them yeah, but I want something for *every* scheme. (I use many :S)

@ekaitz_zarraga @roptat
Geiser is the reason why I start using Spacemacs to hack with Guile (I was used to vim keystrokes). Then Paredit comes and I tried Emacs.

@ekaitz_zarraga @roptat
Then I discover and I don't use the REPL a lot so...

@jeko @roptat I don't really like TDD, I prefer the repl, in fact I think REPL is a good substitute for tdd haha

@ekaitz_zarraga @roptat
I think it can too. I am looking for REPL driven development video to find a good method but didn't find a lot...

@ekaitz_zarraga @roptat

This is too deep for me right now haha I prefer watch someone live coding while explaining the method spirit !
I'm gonna try to drive my development with Geiser and REPL (if I feel it well I will record it in a video) ;-)

@jeko @ekaitz_zarraga @roptat For emacs I think there is an overwhelming consensus for geiser.
Back at the beginning of the century when I was doing SICP in uni I actually tried to use SLIME with a Scheme-side implementation for scheme48 IIRC.

I ended up doing pure TDD with a bare emacs, some Makefiles and guile instead.

@clacke Thanks for sharing your experience.
+1 for TDD

@jeko TDD is great, but some exploratory coding with a REPL and an editor in harmony moves you forward in faster cycles than save-compile-run. Basically you're testing your code on the fly anyway, and then you just copy that work into formalized tests.

@clacke This exactly the workflow I am training myself for!

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