So, I've written this small extension to lately:

It's a configuration manager for user home directories. It makes your $HOME read-only and your configuration is fully declarative, programmable and stateless. Like dotfiles repos, but with more features and better reliability!

It's very experimental and a bit drastic, but it works and I find it exciting 😀

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Alors, j'ai écrit cette petite extension à il y a pas très longtemps :

C'est un gestionnaire de configuration pour votre dossier personnel. Ça met $HOME en lecture-seule et la configuration est complètement déclarative, programmable et sans état. Comme les dépôts de dotfiles, mais avec plus de fonctionnalités et de fiabilité !

C'est très expérimental et plutôt drastique, mais ça marche et je trouve ça excitant 😀

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@roptat That's incredible! #Guix never ceases to amaze me, and it seems every couple of weeks someone is finding a totally new niche for it.

Although I think declarative $HOME is a bit too hardcore for me 😅
But I can definitely see this being useful in some cases, like on servers.

Even if you don't test it, I'm glad you like it! I'm just playing around with that idea, it might be a bit difficult to use in practice. Some software absolutely want to write to their config directory, or directly to $HOME. A lot of the software I use doesn't follow the XDG very closely, and might not even want to start with my read-only home.

@roptat @sl33py

that's too bad

I like the idea of a declarative home

I heard the SystemD project is working on portable home folders, maybe they'll be able to move thing a bit in this direction

@AbbieNormal @sl33py Portable doesn't mean read-only, so I don't think so. I still use the home manager, but it's just not working so well with many software I use daily.

@roptat @sl33py

by portable I meant that maybe more projects would have been pressured to be more conformant with XDG and in general to be less messy

The Poettering's talk was interesting !

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