I wrote an article about GNU Guix in Japanese. It would be nice if there were more Japanese users.


One way to attract more users is to translate ;) see translate.fedoraproject.org/pr

There's no Japanese :( If you have time, you could start with the website. Ask me if you need help translating :)

@roptat Thank you very much. I am very interested in this project and have been considering contributing to it for some time.
However, due to my lack of confidence in my English skills and my limited knowledge of Guix and its surrounding technologies, I thought it would be difficult for me to do so now.

@roptat Are there any rules regarding the translation process?
In my case, I think it is essential to have my translations reviewed by others, and I think it will be difficult if I cannot use translation sites to do self-reviews to ensure that my translations do not produce unintended results.
I am particularly concerned about whether there are any prohibitions on the use of translation services.

You can use any process you like, as long as you hold copyright on the work. You can use dictionnaries and aucomatic translation for single words or small expressions, but von't copy entire sentences. You can use automated translation from ja->en to check what you wrote, but note that most are really bad. The website shouldn't be too hard to translate :) also see "translating guix" in the manual.

I read the beginning of your post. I'm not very good at Japanese, but it looks like you're doing a great job at explaining Guix. I'm sure you'll write a great translation :)

(quick question, is といふ the same as という?)

@roptat I'm glad you read the article!
The word "いふ" is the old Japanese spelling of "いう".

Oh, I think I saw that on other verbs before, thanks for the info.

@roptat Thank you very much. I think I've lowered the bar a little.
I'll think about it.

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