Hello Mastadon.

I've been posting #music on #Diaspora's #opensource #socialnetwork as well as posting #photos on #instagram. Now.. I will post things here as well.

I am an #electronic #musician and #photographer in #Seattle. My info is at

Thanks for having me ;-)

Anya~ (Squirrel)

Just pinned the #diaspora stream in mastodon. This is feature I was really missing. Thanks @Gargron and the community for your work.
Looks like it is not "auto-updating" though. Well, this toot will allow me to verify that.

Today, for the first time, I spotted a Nazi account in #diaspora but it already seems to have been removed -- their only #censorship rule

Just so you know, I post more "serious" stuff on #diaspora and keep this for random nonsense

It looks as though #twitter has again unbanned #diaspora or rather #joindiaspora admin worked around the ban. Hope it sticks this time.

Une petite question.
Y a-t-il moyen de suivre une conversation sur Mastodon comme c'est le cas avec ?
Car si je ne revient pas voir une discussion, je loupe tous les autres pouets.
Et je pense que c'est pour cela que les conversations ne durent pas dans le temps sur Mastodon.

Using free and decentralized networks for blog comments

Currently I re-build my homepage completely with static html pages (get rid of Wordpress, etc). One problem I face at the moment: I will lose the comment system from Wordpress and I have to decide how I will handle this in the future. There are two easy answers: (1) Don't allow comments (something I don't really like, because for me the social interaction is a important part of blogging) (2) use Disqus which you can easily integrate into static pages but I don't really like to use a centralized, proprietary comment system.

Therefore I thought about a third option: Post all my blogs (either completely or with a short abstract) on Diaspora or Friendica and link to it from my blog, telling people that they can discuss at Diaspora. Sounds like a great idea, right? But then I realized that there is one big problem for which I don't have a easy answer: How can someone participate in the discussion about a blog post in a easy and intuitive way who has a Diaspora (or Friendica) account on some server but doesn't follow me? They will not have the post in their timeline and therefore can't comment. I couldn't find a answer for this question so I'm stuck and still think about how to realize comments on my new page. I would also consider any other free and decentralized network, e.g. GNU Social, Mastodon,... but it seems that all have the same short comings in this area.

#blog #comments #friendica #diaspora #gnusocial #mastodon

Any ideas or suggestions?

If you're using networking devices by 3Com, Accton, Aironet/Cisco, Allied Telesyn, AMIT Inc, Apple, Asustek Co, Belkin, Breezecom, Cameo, D-Link, Gemtek, Global Sun, Linksys, Motorola, Orinoco, Planet Tec, Senao, US Robotics, Z-Com, it's time to check it and all your connected devices for CIA malware. Good luck!

Seen on #diaspora

Vous voulez me rejoindre sur Framasphere alias Diaspora (alternative à facebook), c'est ici que cela se passe :

#mastodon and #diaspora enable me to re(share) things without having to go through another (second) dialogue to confirm. Not #twitter (boo)

Hey! #NewUsers if you're enjoying #Mastodon and want more decentralized social media, check out #Diaspora* is kind of like tumblr before yahoo fucked it up.. we need people there too

Bon, ben, je vais arrêter de poster des discours #fascistes sur #Diaspora*.
(Désolé, donner les sources, c'est un peu de la déformation professionnelle).
Je vais poster des trucs sur #Proudhon, pour changer.
D'ailleurs, si vous connaissez de bons livres sur l' #histoire de l'idée #fédéraliste en France, ça m'intéresserait.

@woozle Yes, #Hubzilla uses #Zot for everything, except federation with #Diaspora, which uses Diaspora's roll-your-own variant of #OStatus

J'ai mis à jour #framasphere vers la dernière version mineure de #diaspora hier soir. Enjoy.