Faces of Open Source

An Interview with photographer Peter Adams and his Portraits of Revolutionaries.
A fascinating look at some of the people who built the foundations of modern computing and who continue to build and raise awareness.

#FOSS #photography #portraits

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@lohang Thanks! I'm coming from the #linux & #FOSS side of things. I think the biggest hurdle new Linux users face isn't technical, it's social and cultural. Open source doesn't make sense in our broader culture. But I'm very glad to see a federated social web in action. It's kind of a melding of anarcho-syndicalist philosophy and open source technology. Fascinating (I say in Spock voice.)

Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.



checkout #FirefoxBeta and #FirefoxNightly:

It may seem #weird to use #beta or #nightly #software as an end #user, but using #Firefox Nightly in #production at #work and at #home, and it's been a #blast!

Also, Firefox Beta is #currently the fabled FF 57 aka the #first output of #Project #Quantum... It's. #Crazy. #Fast.

#FOSS and #respects your #privacy, go for it!

original post:

Today is , and I'd like to encourage you to checkout and :

It may seem weird to use beta or nightly software as an end user, but I'm using Firefox Nightly in production at work and at home, and it's been a blast!
On my phone, I use Firefox Beta to reduce bandwidth usage.

Also, Firefox Beta is currently the fabled FF 57 aka the first output of "Project Quantum"... It's. Crazy. Fast.

and respects your privacy, go for it!

Found an old iPod nano in a drawer. Loaded #rockbox on it and scored myself a nice little #foss music player.

#introductions Hello Mastodonians! I joined up yesterday after looking for #FOSS social media for a while. I'm a #linux fan and I write #SF&F. Two people whose blogs/vlogs I follow recommended Mastodon, @pzmyers and @ChrisWere. I'm from Minnesota. I'm a Ravenclaw who can be found out walking or riding my recumbent trike when I'm not in the library. I'm an older transgender queer gentleman (he/him.) I turn 51 on Monday. I'm also an #atheist.

I'm in my early 30s and originally from #Ireland but now in the USA. A civil engineer by day and a sleeper at night.

I suppose I'm an #INFJ which explains the awkwardness, sensitivity and difficulty in comprehending other people.

Realising that I'm #asexual helped fill a big piece of the jigsaw puzzle and helped me realise I'm not broken. It also made me comfortable with my affinity for femininity.

I like #fashion, #shoujo anime & manga, #animation, #FOSS, and #solitude.


Over 10,000 commits from 400+ contributors for #GodotEngine! You can star the repo to reach that other 10k! … #FOSS

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plug - trans (inc NB) ppl only please (gender, passing) Afficher plus

I really like this attitude! Might seem contradictory at first – wasn't Bitcoin that thing people use to pay for things they're not supposed to be buying?

This is a reminder of what the Blockchain is about: a highly trustworthy record of some sort, filed by (potentially) everyone.

#btc #foss

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#foss is full of clones of corporate software

when are we going to think of something



Android ODT Reader? Any suggestions fellow fediversers? #softwarelibre #FOSS