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SimpleScreenRecorder is a GPL-3.0 licensed application for recording and streaming games on #Linux. It's not as feature rich as OBS, but, as the name suggests, it's very simple to use.

I've used it for almost all of my videos on YouTube, and found it more than adequate for my needs, in most cases.


Leipzig Market, Saxony, Germany (LGM2014)

While wandering around one evening in Leipzig with G'MIC creator David Tschumperle, I took some time out to shoot about 34 images to stitch into this panorama of the market.

Stitched in Hugin, multiple corrections in @GIMP to fix alignment errors, and then color + styling. Oh, and a bunch of patience! :)

#FOSS #photography #panorama #littleplanet #Hugin #GIMP #artwithopensource

If you're looking for a lightweight, good looking and powerful calculator, I highly recommend !

It's cross-platform, portable and you can type easily any kind of simple or advanced formula and see the results in real time. Ah, and of course! :)

Source repo (GPL-2.0+):

Anyone know of a video converter that will let me try out the current state of the av1 format?

#foss #openSource #codecs #vp9 #video

Dans le cadre d'un programme de coopération sur l' #opendata en Afrique francophone dont je m'occupe ( #ODMedias 2, je vous en parlerai à l'occasion, c'est passionnant) j'essaie de répandre la bonne parole du #FOSS / free #opensource software.

À ce titre, je cherche des conseils de lecture (offline si possible) sur #libreoffice.

Au delà des bases, j'aimerais montrer à mes participants la puissance de ces outils. Vous auriez ce type de ressource en tête ? Liens ? PDF ?

D'avance merci de Dakar.

Dot Eyes Shut

During #LGM 2014 we were setting up some lights to get a sample image during a workshop (we = darktable devs and Rolf Steinort from "Meet the GIMP"). Dot was kind enough to sit and be our model, and since the strobes were so bright she just kept her eyes closed...

I kinda liked how it turned out! :)

#FOSS #GIMP #FreeSoftware #artwithopensource #strobist #model #headshot #photography #creativecommons

Belated about one of my favorite games, Endless Sky!

Trade, explore and fight in the sky in this impressively polished game, both gameplay, storytelling and art wise. The main dev Michael Zahniser is an great artist :)

Version 0.9.8 was released yesterday, go grab it! Warning: very addictive :D

Source (GPL-3.0+ and various permissive CC for assets):

> expecting anything other than #foss as a suggestion on a foss social network

#mastodon dot social

I don't want to be an engine-hopper, but I can't WAIT to use @godotengine! Learning them all can't hurt. #FOSS tho!

We started a to support the development of !

As arguably the best game engine out there, you should definitely check out the video showcasing the upcoming features in Godot 3.0!

In my quest for a decent file manager for , I'm now playing with , a cross-platform application in FreePascal.

I tweaked the options a bit to make it look less retro/command-line, so far so good. I still need to get used to its features but it's already much better than plain old explorer.exe (though that isn't hard :P)

@thomas i agree, its very basic now. Any #foss interaction designers, front end developer or #ux designers that can help @Liberapay ?

Article de #blog (en anglais) intéressant concernant l'état de l' #accessibilité pour les déficientEs visuel-le-s au sein du logiciel #libre (et notamment #Debian) :

#FOSS #handicap #validisme

All those useless TLDs and not .floss, .oss, .libre or even .foss :-(

IMHO they would be cooler than British Indian Ocean Territory's TLD.

#FOSS #OSS #OpenSource

One request for once.

On - $dayjob :| - I'm using the CubicExplorer file manager to replace the lackluster and proprietary Windows Explorer: (purifying the workspace one utility at a time...)

Sadly the upstream project seems dead and I don't see a continuation fork.

Any recommended file manager for Windows (7)?