Quelle place pour les femmes photographes ?

(question encore plus criante dans la couverture des luttes sociales!)
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Another sunset from my photpgraphic journey to Catalonia a few months ago. Not as impressive as the one from the day before ( and but still it turned out pretty.

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La Conche des Baleines vue depuis le sommet du phare des baleines - Ile de Ré.
Cette plage, comme celle de Rivedoux-Sablanceaux, ont été utilisées pour les scènes de débarquement du film "Le jour le plus long".
La raison ? La lumière douce et laiteuse que Darryl Zanuck a préféré à celle des plages Normandes.

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Do you have a favorite animal? I'm digging through my archive of wildlife looking for ideas.

I'm going to kick off with a Penguin. An animal my SO is especially fond of.

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And a final image for the day for me. A study in handheld macro + focus stacking. I used a 105mm Sigma macro lens and ~10 shots + focus stacking in post to get this butterfly.

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Given the Turkey Buzzard love tonight, here is another. These guys are a 'ugly' to most but I find them really cool/interesting. Lots of character and great subjects for photography.

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This is a lesser known photo of mine. I stopped at the park randomly one night after work and managed to get a decent shot. I was working on a 52 week challenge and needed a good landscape shot for the week.

I think I did OK all considered.

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I spent 6 months shooting Turkey Buzzards with a super telephoto lens. I managed this shot when I wasn't looking to get the shot. I'm glad I took the time to notice though.

These guys can look downright mean/evil.

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I always gravitate towards the rhino's at the local zoo. They seem to always have great personalities and emotion in photos.

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If you're into #Photography / #Photographie / #Photo you might be into . It's an instance that's photography first. Photos and related photography banter. I'd recommend.

Their announcement about going live:

Since portraits took the spotlight, this is one I took with a kit lens and somehow managed to make work.

Probably the first good portrait I took with a 'real' camera.

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