Do not buy NFT made with my art.
Do not make NFT with my Creative-Commons artworks.
If you respect my art, remember and apply this.

Here is my article about what just happened:

@davidrevoy what the actual fuck. I mean why am I even surprised.

@pinkprius @davidrevoy let's make an NFT to raise money to sue… oh, nevermind 😅

@davidrevoy @mmu_man @pinkprius

Indeed I was thinking about creating an NFT on your blog post and selling it on OpenSea.

*taking my hand off the keyboard*

@davidrevoy Wow. What a shitty idea. I’m astonished they could sell *that*.
I’m sorry this happened to you :s.

@davidrevoy that is awful, i am so sorry your art and your effort is being used in this way.

@davidrevoy >For me, NFT represents the pinnacle of capitalism and speculation.
ok you are just upset because some idoit made 10k euro and modified your work and blame capitalism its not about that is about people stealing works and claiming they own it.
@davidrevoy to me some nfts are like making a limited edition of physcial media and some are one offs like commissions like the plate i made when i was baby.
@1iceloops123 @davidrevoy there is mostly no reason to force something to be unique in so inefficient way.
@a1ba @davidrevoy like i would rather buy physical goods but than again they could get ruined
@1iceloops123 @davidrevoy ehh.

In my opinion, NFTs are worthless unless crypto is going to replace centralized markets. And this unlikely going to happen any time soon.

Yes, NFTs can represent stuff that should be unique but is there really many uses for information which by definition isn't unique?
@a1ba @davidrevoy i think nft should be used for secuirty maybe on a private blockchain because thats what chia does. but i would say i made some nfts and made some money off of it but i been supporting other artists with it. but i don't hate david by looking at his work and i think its really neat.
@1iceloops123 @davidrevoy security for what? Unless everything runs on cryptocurrencies and there's no legal enforcement for it, it's not so useful.

Maybe we could run I dunno a concert where tickets are NFTs for fun but will it be convenient enough?
@a1ba @davidrevoy like i get it but as a capitalist i hate money and companies to because greed

@1iceloops123 @davidrevoy Exactly this. The author is just butthurt about the money.
You can't "release something into the wild", and then be angry that it doesn't do what you want it to.

@davidrevoy "se ne deve comprare tutte medicine" => "he must spend all rised money buying medicines"

@davidrevoy And this is just what i was saying about NFT's the other day. Nothing is stopping anyone from making(minting?) an NFT out of something they did not create.

@davidrevoy This is outrageous! I am so sorry your name has been slapped on this scam of a poopcoin.

@davidrevoy This is a reason I prefer CC-BY-SA over just CC-BY. To me it is the right balance of freedom vs. restrictions because it provides some stipulations to ensure derivative works retain freedom of distribution. (although I know some people prefer maximum permissiveness and others prefer more restrictions like non-commercial or explicit restrictions on use...chacun à son goût!)

Perhaps the SA provision would've provided some protection from the "artificial uniqueness" of the attached NFT? Like if the NFT owner got upset that someone just used "their" dreamcat then tough luck because they are obligated to let everyone use it freely so long as you and ROPLAK were credited? Then the NFT would have no market value?

I don't know...NFTs in most cases make no sense to me at all since the digital asset can be duplicated regardless of licensing or the attachment of an NFT.

@msh This application would be totally compatible and legal with CC-By-Sa. As long as the license is written along, and result available under the same license...

Only NC could stop NFT. ND could have prevented the DeepDream filter.

It's a case of Moral right, not legal right. Youll find it written on "Notices" at the end of every CC license (CC-By included) :

@davidrevoy @msh If the NFT doesn't contain a copy of the work (which is my understanding at the moment) then even full copyright would not be a protection against it.

@davidrevoy @msh I avoid NC, because it tricks the honest re-users into a dead-end:

Example: If you had used NC for Lecture, I would have been forced to use NC for my roleplaying book to enable re-using it (assuming no other by-sa works were in there) and you wouldn’t be able to make money from stuff made by re-using my latex templates.

@msh @davidrevoy I think that while SA is not the right licence for everything and everyone, that in this case it would have been the ideal licence for what it sounds like you (David, not Mark) wanted for the artwork. I guess when you pick a licence it's a matter of thinking of the worst possible outcomes. Sad, really...

@DHeadshot @msh Unfortunately, SA is compatible with this case of DreamCats. Just mention the license and offer a way to get the file (right click, save as on OpenSea) and bim; compatible CC-By-Sa. The real NFT blocker is the NC/Non Commercial...

The #moneyLaundering is strong with this one.

At a glance, looks like someone using a proclivity for art, to pay them for something illegal they are doing eg. #blackmail.

Real artists know you can't make money legitimately like this.

We actually think govt need to crack down on #NFT as #unexplainedIncome, if they convert to #fiat, but from what we can tell NFT are encouraged by govt because they distract from #Bitcoin and #Monero etc.

NFT are to 2020 what #altCoins were to 2016.

@dsfgs @davidrevoy > ROPLAK, is the only one who benefits and already sold 4.2 ETH, so, around 10 000 Euros in two days.

Yeah, either:
- The buyer misunderstood something fundamental about NFTs
- I misunderstood something fundamental about NFTs
- This is money laundering

Copyright is a thieves idea and nft is not far off

Le copyright est une idée de voleurs et le nft n'est pas loin (des fois qu ce soit mal traduit)


Just want to take a moment to say thank you for creating the awesome original cat avatar generator and releasing it for all to enjoy. I think I need to upgrade my profile avatar now.

@Cambria Agreed. Thanks for the original avatars @davidrevoy . He's also got birds just FYI...see my avatar.

@davidrevoy Je partagé ta frustration. C'est vraiment poche!

Je pense que tu fais bien de ne pas aller te battre contre ça. Tu n'y gagnerais rien d'autre que d'avantage de frustrations. 😞

Je me demande si ce genre de NFT s'accompagne de garantie légale (tel un transfert de copyright). D'a ce que je sais, le contenu d'un NFT doit être accessible au monde d'une manière ou d'une autre. J'ai souvent tendance à percevoir les NFT comme quelque chose ayant de la valeur pour ce qui reconaisse leur uniqueté sur le réseau.

@marius851000 Tout depend de ce que l'auteurice du NFT mentionne. (on peu contractualiser tout en fait, services, droits, objet, etc... )

Dans ce cas-ci; rien d'explicite, eg: ; juste avoir la propriété du code barre qui représente ce dessin.

@davidrevoy I remember a discussion about the GPL many years ago. The GPL does not protect a buyer from paying more for GPL licensed software than the price of a floppy disk. The hope at that time was: The buyer realizes that he became a victim of a fraud. He and everyone else could have gotten the same software and much more for practically free.


@davidrevoy With NFT, the buyer only receives a sequence of digits. The original digital work can be reproduced any number of times; identically or in a modified form. If the "market" is flooded with generative graphics the buyer becomes the loser. The customer as victim.

My argumentation is based on the Age of Enlightenment. But Kant's "der Ausgang des Menschen aus seiner selbstverschuldeten Unmündigkeit" seems to be without effect today.


@davidrevoy Honestly this is why I default to BY-NC-SA with a note to contact me for alternative licensing. Not that fraudsters care about the rules anyway, but it gives me more tools to fight back with

@elfi Yes. When I had the first case, the art was under CC-By-NC-Nd and OpenSea immediately removed the copy. The NC rule works in this case.

"DeepDream" is not a good neural network.

@davidrevoy I just found your cat generator through this and it's totally awesome! Is there a way to manually select all the parts I want to have like with other common avatar creators?

@davidrevoy thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I strongly agree, NFTs are an abomination. its absolutely a dick move to sell CC artworks as NFT. i agree fully with you there. i don't wanna see my art in NFTs either

@davidrevoy There goes the "NFTs are for the artists" justification out the window.

Turns out it was all about the money all along!

@urusan @davidrevoy what fairy-tale world do you live in, where things aren't about money?


Tu n'as pas lu l'article de @bortzmeyer sur les #NFT ?
Parce que tu te goures là, le "token" ne représente rien, il pointe vers quelque chose.
Et.... c'est tout, en fait.

Donc franchement, tu fais un caca nerveux pour rien, à la limite fait un post rappelant que tu n'as rien à voir avec ce NFT là et que tu n'apprécies pas particulièrement de voir ton nom/ton travail associé à un concept qui va en sens inverse de ce en quoi tu crois et agis, et basta quoi.

@davidrevoy you are a wonderful person for creating such a cool tool, and that other guy is clearly a jerk.

@davidrevoy this sucks. But thank you so much for the cat generator~

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